Malta - Travel-Wiki-2009

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Transcript Malta - Travel-Wiki-2009

The Awesome Country
That No One Knows About
In Valletta…
In Valletta you can do
many things, such as
swim or have fun at
their gorgeous
beaches. It is always
great for the family.
These beaches are of
the clearest waters in
all of the
Mediterranean Sea.
In Valletta…
In Valletta you can also
dine at five star
restaurants, and eat like
Kings and Queens. The
Maltese pastas are some
of the most amazing in the
After you are done with
exploring the ancient city
of Valletta, you will be
tired. So why don’t you fall
asleep at one of Malta’s
Many Five-Star Hotels.
In Birkirkara…
In Birkirkara there is many
things to do. One of the
more exciting, for the
brave and not so cluster
phobic is getting lost in the
ally’s of Birkirkara’s old
building structures.
Or you can just watch the
sun set. It is one of the
most beautiful sights in the
In Birkirkara…
In Birkirkara you can also
go on amazing tours of the
city. By train! There have
been great reviews on the
rides because it gives you
more time to appreciate
the beautiful scenery.
This was a picture taken
from one of the train
In Rabat
In Rabat there is many
more things to do. When
in Rabat you must go
fishing. For most big game
fishers, it is a must to fish
in Malta.
Rabat is one of the more
exciting places in all of
Malta. For example, when
in Rabat there are many
historic artifacts.
In Rabat…
In Rabat you can also participate in
sporting events. Football ( Soccer ) is their
countries main sport. So why don’t you visit
Malta to watch them play Soccer.
When in Rabat, make sure you have some
of their Maltese Macaroni, it is by far the
best pasta in all of Malta.
In Malta…
In Malta you should visit all of the
designated places so that you can get the
true feeling of the Maltese culture. This
country is not a big country so not a lot of
tourist visit. There for everything is
extremely cheap.