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Local Governments 2.0 & 3.0
July 14, 2011 – MTPA Conference
Social Media and Your
Making Social Media Work for
 My background
 Examples
 Social Media Tips
My Background:
Reporter – 18 years, Greenville,
Howell, Flint (Alpena, Cass City)
– City Hall, County Gov’t, Village, Twp,
Schools, Crime, Courts, Roads,
– Community Content Coordinator
Public relations manager: Flint CVB
Michigan Municipal League: Director
of Communications, November 2009
What’s this Web 2.0 & 3.0 stuff?
You may hear a lot of people talk about Web 2.0, 3.0 and even 4.0. So
what do these mean? There’s varying definitions, but the easiest way is to
look at each number as an upgrade of sorts over the other. General
Web 1.0: Social media in it’s infancy, such as the web browser Netscape
and Encyclopedia Britannica Online.
Web 2.0: Websites that allow users to do more than just retrieve
information, it’s more interactive, such as blogging, podcasting, social
networking. Wikis etc...
Web 3.0: Personalization of the web, where “the computer is generating
new information” rather than humans. Web 3.0 will allow the user to sit
back and let the Internet do all the work for them.
Web 4.0: The future where data, the human mind and machines can
interact symbiotically. It’s a thought in progress. Not there yet.
Social Media Revolution Video
Is social media just a fad?
Nope, it’s the biggest shift since the industrial revolution:
– 96% Millennials have joined a social network
– Facebook tops Google for weekly U.S. traffic
– 24 of the 25 largest newspapers are experiencing record
circulation declines
– Barack Obama – social media large part of his success, hard
pressed to find someone running for any office now without a
Facebook page
Years to reach 50 million users:
Radio = 38 years
TV = 13 years
Internet = 4 years
iPOD = 3 years
Facebook = 200 million in under 12 months
Facebook: Why do it?
“We don’t have a choice on whether we DO social
media, the question is how well we DO it.”
- Eric Qualman, socialnomics09
If Facebook were a country it would be the 3rd largest: 1.
China, 2. India, 3. Facebook, 4. U.S.
Fastest growing segment on Facebook is women ages
55 to 65
“If you don’t promote your community through social
media someone else will.”
- Matt Bach, just now
Why Do Social Media?
Easy to Use
Offers Two-Way
Communication, give
and take (good and bad)
Effective at spreading
news beyond its first audience to larger audience
Decline of traditional media is an opportunity for
Example: Community Excellence Awards
Use Traditional AND Social Media
Use Your Websites
How to Start?
Step One: Set up Google alerts with your name, city, etc.
Step Two: Form a plan
- Just don’t do it because everyone else is
- Identify a problem, issue or concern you want to
address and then use social media
to fix it.
Example: Michigan Municipal League’s motto is Better
Communities. Better Communities. MML wants to be
“one clear voice for Michigan communities.” Social
media is a great tool to achieve that.
How to Start?
The League is in all the major social media areas –
Facebook, Twitter, flickr, YouTube.
Flint Michigan Facebook Page
Enjoy Birmingham FB: Excellent!
Your Social Media Options
There are many social media options – so many in fact
it’s easy to get frustrated or feel overwhelmed.
Prioritize and pick one or two and then do those
Start simple:
Blog – what’s a blog?
Twitter page
Facebook page
Blogging – Auburn Hills
Blogging – County Commissioner
Blogging – MML’s Inside 208
Twitter – Mayor Dayne Walling
Twitter – MML CEO Dan Gilmartin
Twitter – Paw Paw Village Manager
MDOT: Traffic updates
Twitter tips:
A strong Twitter page will…
Be interactive, with numerous “@dpgilmartin” and
hash tags “#” sending people to key words
Frequent posts, 5 to 10 a day
Draw like-minded groups and people as followers of
your page
Have variety of information, not just about how great
you are, also include informational and fun items,
i.e. did you know longest road is in xyz
Twitter hash tag: #roads
What’s a hash tag?: # - key words that people use to
tie topics together on Twitter.
Twitter hash tag: #traffic
A strong Facebook page will…
Be accessible, allow fans to post photos, comments,
links and content
Post video, photos, link to other favorite pages, i.e.
local businesses, foundations and nonprofit FB
pages should be listed under your favorites
Encourage feedback, ask questions, open setting
Example: Social media/facebook good example:
Flint Institute of Music: In celebration of hitting the
1,000 fan mark on our facebook page, the Flint
Institute of Music will be giving away a voucher for
two tickets to the FSO Classical Concert …
Facebook: Linden Mayor Lossing
Facebook: Dayne Walling
U.P. FB page, 57,000, Fan photos
Huntington Woods: Has an official-looking FB
I Love Dexter, Michigan FB Page
Facebook: Greenville, Michigan
Facebook: Howell Main St., Chamber
Social media leader: Zeeland
Social Media Tips:
Set up Google alerts to monitor what is said about you
and your community
Form a plan
Use social media to your advantage, i.e. Facebook and
“Let’s Save Michigan” campaign; “Legislative Link and
LOOP” email reports.
Get training: Recognize your weaknesses and get help,
whether it’s how to do a video for YouTube or redoing
your website to make it more interactive.
Get help: Don’t necessarily do it alone, get volunteers or
supporters to help out.
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