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Final Project
By Monique v
“Nutritional Flaw”
When analyzing my diet for the food analysis
project done earlier, I noticed a “nutritional
The biggest flaw I found in my diet was not
having enough protein.
How did I know I didn’t have
enough protein?
According to, as a 18
year old girl, I am supposed to consume 5
oz equivalents of protein
However, some days I had under 1 oz of
This was evidence that I should change my
diet by adding more protein to my daily
What is protein?
Protein is a huge variety of foods
 Meat
 milk
 cheese
 Other dairy products
 fish
 soy
 eggs
 beans
 legumes
 nut butters.
Why don’t I eat enough
Most people eat more protein than I do
because there are many meats I cannot eat
I don’t eat any kind of red meat, pork, or duck
Since I only eat chicken and fish, if I eat at
school and they don’t have either, I go for a
vegetarian option, without that extra protein
meat provides
However, if I were to go for lets say a salad, I
could compensate for no available chicken by
adding beans, cheese, and eggs, all of which
contain protein!
Why is my nutritional flaw
harmful to my diet? AKA Why
is protein important?
The body uses protein for energy
Protein works as an enzyme in the body, used
for the body’s metabolism and growth/repair of
Protein is used by the body to carry signals
from different parts of the body to the other
Used to form structures like building muscle!
It’s the building block of bones, muscles,
cartilage, skin, and blood.
hair and nails are mostly made of protein:
protein is a part of every cell in your body
Harmful effects of not eating
enough protein:
If the food you are eating does not contain
the amino acids needed, your body will
access it from protein rich parts of your body
like your muscles- leading to muscle loss
and weakness
Since your immune system uses protein for
antibodies and other immune molecules, you
could suffer from more infections
You can become irritable, suffer changes in
your skin and hair texture
Extreme protein deficiency is a serious issue
as it can lead to shock or death
How can I add more protein
to my daily meals easily?
I’m a huge salad and soup fan which has
many ups because this means I eat lots of
The downside to this is I personally never
reach for protein to add to my vegetarian
salad or soup
The only meat I do eat is chicken or
seafood, so that makes things extra difficult
at times
An easy fix is to add some chicken or
seafood to whatever I am eating
Examples of meals I could eat
that would satisfy my protein
Breakfast: Whole wheat toast with Peanut
butter and strawberries and turkey sausage
links on the side
Lunch: A spinach salad with chicken, apples,
Dinner: Chicken with oven-roasted balsamic
cauliflower and watermelon on the side
Dinner: Chicken with oven-roasted balsamic
cauliflower and watermelon on the side
My Final Project Dish
One of my favorite recipes is a salad called
Beautiful Salad that I found on a while back
The recipe calls for many nutritious foods
that satisfy a healthy diet, however there is
not much protein in the salad recipe
In order to add more protein and make it a
dish that would fully benefit me, I decided to
add cut up strips of turkey bacon, adding
extra protein to my salad while avoiding high
levels of fat by going for turkey bacon
instead of pork
Your Protein! 
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