Balanced/Healthy Diet

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Transcript Balanced/Healthy Diet

LO:To be able to classify
food into groups
In this lesson we will be learning
• Why we need a healthy diet
• Different food groups with examples
from each
• How we can improve our own diet
To stay fit and healthy we need
to do a number of things
Discuss in your groups what they may
Eat sensibly
Take regular exercise
Avoid health risks such as
smoking, taking illegal drugs &
drinking alcohol
We need a healthy diet so
that we can live a long and
healthy life
• Protein
In foods such as milk and cheese
• Carbohydrates (starches and sugars)
In foods such as pasta, bread and biscuits
• Fats
In foods such as butter and cooking oil
• Fibre
In foods such as vegetables and fruit
Can you think of any other
important things that are
needed for our diet
• Discuss in pairs
They are….
70% of the body is made up of water
They can be found in many drinks and juices
Vitamins and minerals
Found in fruit, vegetables and many dairy
• Group 1 and 2
Use the table with ALL the food groups and write down as many
food as possible in the correct place
• Group 3
Use the table drawn out for you and write in the different
foods in the correct boxes. Stick it in your science book
• Group 4 and *
Use the sheet given to you and put the right food in the
correct boxes(at least 4 in each box). Draw them in as well
 Make up your own healthy lunch using food from each group.
Write it down neatly in your science books
 Check your own diet online use the
questionnaire to see how healthy you are (10pts being the
What have we learnt
• Discuss in your groups
Today I have learnt about……….
Use the key words
Balanced diet
Protein, carbohydrate, fibre,
Fats, vitamins and minerals and water