Eating for health

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Eating for health
Our diet
It is important to choose a
variety of foods to ensure
that we obtain the range of
nutrients which we need to
stay health. There are
guidelines about the
amount of nutrients needed
by different people. These
include dietary reference
values(DRV) estimated
average requirements(EAR)
and reference nutrient
The eat well plate
The eat well plate shows the types and
proportions of the four main food
• Fruit and vegetables
• Bread, rice, potatoes and pasta,
• Meat, fish, eggs and beans
• Milk and dairy foods
• Foods and drinks high in fat and
sugar are not essential for life and
should not be eaten often.
that are needed for a balanced diet.
The eat well plate is suitable for most
people except•
children under 2
• People under medical supervision
• People with special dietary needs
A health diet
A health diet should not be boring.
You should achieve it by cutting down on fat,
salt, and sugars and increasing fibre.
To help consumers do this manufacturers
have voluntarily adopted a system of traffic
light labelling
Red the amount is high –eat occasionally
Amber the amount is neither high or low
Green means the amount is low-sp this is a
good choice to make.
Some manufacturers use a different system
based on guide line daily amounts(GDA).
These labels show the percentage of sugar,
salt,fat and calories in each serving.
Maintaining a healthy weight
By balancing the calories you eat with being
physically active you can maintain your
If you eat more calories than you need your
body will store this as fat. To reach a healthy
weight you should try to have a calorie
controlled diet. If your weight increases to a
point where it endangers your health you
may become obese.
Being overweight or obese increases your
risk of developing
Coronary heart disease
Some cancers
Type 2 diabetes
High blood pressure
The Food Standards Agency and the department
of health are working together to try and
prevent /reduce obesity.
Healthy weight ,healthy lives
Many people in the UK are
overweight or obese. Health
Weight, Healthy Lives is a
government strategy aimed at
lowering obesity and weight gain.
The strategy.....
• Aims to support people to have a
healthy diet combined with an
active lifestyle
• Aims to increase life expectancy
• Should help to reduce the cost to
the National Health
Service(NHS)for treatment of
health and related health