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“ I eat because I am
fat, and I am fat
because I eat. It is a
vicious cycle.”
The BAD foods taste
so good and the
GOOD foods taste so
Is the super extra
large ginormous
combo OK if I get a
Diet Coke?
A Western diet has significantly higher risk
 Type II diabetes
 Cancer
 Cardiovascular disease
 Premature death
 Alzheimer’s disease
 Erectile dysfunction
Foods with:
sugar (high fructose corn syrup)
refined flour
trans fats
saturated fat
or a lot of additional processing
Foods not green and not red
About 20% of the foods in this
guide are considered yellow
Fruits & Vegetables
Nuts & Seeds
Whole Grains
Low in additives
Low in Saturated & Trans fat
Close to natural form
1. Don’t eat anything that doesn’t rot
2. Avoid food products with ingredients that are
a) unfamiliar
b) unpronounceable
c) more than five in number or
d) include high-fructose corn syrup
3. Avoid food products that make health claims
4. Shop the peripheries of the supermarket
5. Get out of the supermarket whenever possible
In Defense of Food, Michael Polla
Let’s be real. Do
you know anybody
who eats truly
according to the
food pyramid?
I don’t know any
person, no matter
how fit or fat they
are that has a
“True” clean diet
Do this a lot
Do this a little
You should eat this:
50% “Quality” Carbohydrates (sugar is not a
quality carb)
30% Proteins (try to eat lean meats such as
96% fat free, fish, and chicken)
20-15% Fats (again stay away from the
saturated fats if possible, fats from fish, oils,
and nuts are preferred)
If you are maintaining weight, try to cut out
500 calories a day (this is based on the 2000
calorie a day diet)
If you are gaining weight you may have to be
more drastic in cutting your calories (1,2001,000 is a pretty low calorie diet)
Remember, eating more frequently and
exercising will help with USING more calories
and will aid in your weight loss goals.
Eat more frequently
Eat 5-6 times a day
This will increase
your metabolism
It will decrease your
appetite at your
main meals so
portion control will
be easier
Eating one or two
meals a day will
slow metabolism
You will store
everything you eat
and tend to eat
larger meals
It is what the Sumo
Wrestler’s do
Expend more calories
than you consume…DUH
Start making healthier
Decrease the number of
times you eat FAT food
(Oh, I meant fast food),
even if it is just one time
this week
Try the salad I hear it
tastes like the big
Mac…not really but once
a week won’t kill you
Maybe not the best
example, but you
get the idea
Try the non-fat, or
low fat ingredients
Try the non-sugar
or low sugar
Some healthy foods
really do taste great
Little decisions over
time can have a big
Win the battle daily
If you have a bad day,
you aren’t starting
over, it is part of the
overall picture.
Get up and dust
yourself off.
One high calorie day is
not the end of the