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Po's Deep Fried Chicken
Come and enjoy some real good
Contact Information
Address: Why is 6 afraid of 7, because 789 Street
Saskatchewan, AK 29364
Phone: 723-8753-2535
E-mail: [email protected]
About The Company
Po’s Deep Fried Chicken is my company.
We love to serve good food to anyone in
need of some real good chicken. We sell
many other foods as well, but our main
staple is our very own home made
-Porter Davis,
The Business
This business is a five star restaurant that
sells primarily chicken, but we also sell
foods for the whole family, from salad to
steak. Our service is top notch, we work
purely to serve you, the customer.
Our Hours of Operation
Our Product
We usually sell meals, but you can buy
any item you would like with any other
We offer Chicken with any side you would
like: fries, salad, or even ice cream.
Our Company Logo
How We’re Different
We offer you whatever you would like from
our inventory, you aren’t limited to
whatever meals we have already set up,
feel free to eat whatever you would like.