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Renaissance and Humanism
Individual Research Work
1. Find out what the words
Renaissance and Humanism mean?
French – Renaissance
English – rebirth, revival
Italian – Rinascimento
cultural movement - educational reform
painting – linear perspective
revival of classical ancient sources
Intellectual movement
- connected to rediscovery of ancient literary,
historical and theological sources
studia humanitatis – grammar, rhetoric, moral
philosophy, poetry and history
humanist – originally a teacher of classical Latin
literature (later simply a scholar or teacher or a
student who occupied himself with studia hum.)
2. What are some of the characteristic
features of the Renaissance?
1. individualism
2. focus on man rather than God
3. Antiquity is the center of attention
4. science and art development
5. realism in art and literature
6. secularization of art
7. collecting, patronage
8. economical revival
9. explorations
10. rise of communes (esp. Italy)
11. criticism of the Church
3. Where did the Renaissance first
occur and when?
Northern Italy in 1300s
4. Why do you think the Renaissance
first occured there and not somewhere
a) N. Italy – one of the wealthiest regions in Europe
b) permanent trade with the Levant (Genoa, Venice)
c) rich agricultural land of the Po valley
d) the Meditteranean – channels of culture
e) influx of Greek refugees – scholars after 1453
f) revived Academy in Florence (Cosimo de' Medici)
g) rise of urban communes – independent of the
Church and barons
h) growing class of merchants, bankers and skilled
i) patricians became wealthier than nobility
j) they invested a lot of money into art and education
5. What cities are considered to be
centers of the Renaissance?
Florence, Venice, Rome
6. Find out something about the
Medici family of Florence.
1. Cosimo de' Medici – the founder of the dynasty
was actually a king w/o the title, very successful
politician, patron of art
(Florence had been a republic since 1115, ruled by
a council that was appointed by a ruler who was
elected every two months by guild members)
the Medici family
2. they were famous bankers – Medici bank was
one of the largest in 15th century Europe
3. the family produced 4 popes
4. In 1531 they became hereditary rulers of
7. Who were Petrarch and Boccacio?
They were both philosophers, translators, poets,
Petrarch is famous for his Sonnets
Boccacio is famous for his Decameron
8. Look up at least five Renaissance
painters and their works?
1. L. da Vinci – Mona Lisa, the Last Supper
2. S. Botticelli – The Birth of Venus
3. Michelangelo – the Sixtine Chapel frescoes
4. Rafaello – The School of Athens
5. A. Durer – Adam and Eve, Self-Portrait
6. Giotto
7. Verrocchio
8. Hieronymus Bosch
9. Hans Holbein
10. Lucas Cranach (2)