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Insane Choice
Might Lose a Limb
Round 1
Near Death Experience
Death Sentence
The war between Spain and
France ended when?
When Spanish Mercenaries
were allowed to sack Rome.
What three artists are
famous for the part in the
High Renaissance?
Leonardo DaVinci,
Michelangelo and
Name the three
Italian City-States.
Milan, Florence and
What does Renaissance
literally mean.
Who inspired the
Renaissance Movement?
The Greeks and Romans
What is Humanism?
The Study of Humanity
(History, Philosophy, Sociology…)
This was the predecessor
movement to the Protestant
Christian Humanist
What did Christine de Pizan
The Book of the City of the
He said that a prince should be
“as strong as a Lion and
as shrewd as a fox”
Niccolò Machiavelli
Christian Humanist Believe?
People should read
Christian works to become
more pious
This important event
allowed Germans to decide
what Church they wanted
to place their faith in.
The Peace of Augsbury
What was Castiglione,
The Book of the Courtier
It depicted the characteristics
of the Ideal Noble.
Why was Chaucer’s
book, The Canterbury Tales,
so important.
His portrayal of the
lower classes provoke
some social change.
Who was the best known
Christian Humanist?
She was one of the only
women to be painted by
several of the prominent
artists of the day.
Isabella De’Estes
What did the
Edict of Worms do?
Made Martin Luther an Outlaw
He was a famous
Northern Renaissance
artist famous for his woodwork.
The Renaissance Man
Leonardo DaVinci
Charles the V was what?
The Ruler of the
Holy Roman Empire.
A sum paid to a bride’s
family before marriage.
Whose fresco has long
been regarded as the first
masterpieces of the
Martin Luther nailed this
to the door of the Catholic
Church in Wittenberg.
The Ninety-Five Theses
The Church sold these
as a means of pardoning sins.
He was one of the riches
men in Florence and ruled
as a dictator for 30 years.
Cosimo de Medici
A Dominican preacher
who criticized the Medici
Girolamo Savonarola