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Healthy Weight Loss
For a Longer Life
Zero Disease
Diet or Exercise?
What’s more important for lasting weight loss:
Diet or exercise?
Hygene or Stress Reduction?
You have to do it all!
Zero Disease
Zero Disease
Blood Capillaries
Every Cell is an Electric Generator
Sodium Potassium Pump
Lymphatic Capillaries
One Way Check Valves
Excess Fluid and Excess Sodium Around the Cells
Trapped Blood Proteins Around the Cells.
Sodium Potassium Pump
Zero Disease
Where Does The Energy Come
 The rotation of the sodium
single positive ion and the
potassium single positive
ion in and out of the cell
creates electricity, like an
electrical generator.
Zero Disease
The Cause of Obesity
 Medical charts show that it is possible to retain 3, 6,
9, 12, 15, or up to 21 gallons of fluid from trapped
 There are 24 pounds in three gallons.
 With a loose cellular structure people can balloon out
and gain from zero to168 pounds or more from
trapped blood proteins.
Zero Disease
What Eliminates
Trapped Blood Proteins?
 Deep Breathing-Increased Oxygen
 Adding Energy
 Beautiful Image
Facial & Body Sculpting
 Stroking & Compressing Tissues
 Skin Brushing / Massage / Chiropractic
 Bouncing
Zero Disease
What Eliminates
Trapped Blood Proteins?
 Beautiful Image
 Microcurrent
 Non-surgical
 No downtime
 Non-evasive
Facial & Body Sculpting
Zero Disease
Don’t Just Exercise – Lymphasize!
 Start of with a gentle bounce without your feet leaving the mat.
 Safe for all ages.
 May have to start by sitting either on the mat or a Bounce Back
Fitness Chair.
 The lymph system pumps fluid and protein out of the tissue spaces
each time the tissues are compressed or moved in any other way.
 Add deep breathing to get the lymph system to dump the waste
through the thoracic duct.
Zero Disease
There are many Diets
 All of them seem to help you loose weight;
but are they healthy?
 High protein, low carb diets
 High carb, low protein diets
 Low fat diets.
 Which is right? How do you know who is telling you
the truth?
 Any diet that you cannot transition into for the rest of
your life is a bad diet. Don’t think diet, think life style
Zero Disease
3 Basic Food Groups
 Carbohydrates- Source of quick energy and include
starches found in potatoes, rice, and pasta.
 Proteins- Contain the basic building materials of the
body and are found in meats, beans, and other foods.
 Fats-Consist of greases and oils, usually stored in
body tissues as long term sources of energy. Fat is
present in such foods as meat, peanuts and butter.
 Average American diet is 40% Carbs, 40% Fats and
20% Proteins.
 Should consist of 80% Carbs, 10% Fats, and 10%
Zero Disease
Problem with High Protein Diets
 Excess proteins saps energy from working muscles, by leaving
toxic residues of metabolic waste in tissue and turning off the
electric generators.
 Excess protein can’t be stored, and must be quickly
metabolized, giving a shot of energy, but over stresses the
kidneys with an enormous amount of useless decomposition of
by-products which must be quickly eliminated.
 Excess protein causes autotoxemia, over-acidity and nutritional
deficiencies, accumulation of uric acid and purines in tissues,
intestinal putrefaction, and contributes to arthritis, kidney
damage, schizophrenia, osteoporosis, arteriosclerosis, heart
disease, and cancer.
 A high protein diet also causes premature aging and lowers life
Zero Disease
Problem with High Protein Diets
 Excess protein leads to mineral imbalance. (Too much
phosphorus and too little calcium.)
 A recent study made at the U.S. Army of Medical Research and
Nutrition Laboratory in Denver, Colorado demonstrated that the
more meat you eat, the more deficient in Vitamin B6,
Magnesium, Calcium and Niacin.
 Ammonia is produced in great amounts as a by-product of meat
metabolism and is highly carcinogenic.
 A high protein diet breaks down the pancreas and lowers
resistance to cancer as well as contributes to the development
of diabetes.
 Excess protein over stresses the kidneys with an enormous
amount of useless decomposition by-products which must be
quickly eliminated.
Zero Disease
Problem with Fat
 Too much fat will rob the body of Oxygen and reduce the electrical
energy produced by the cells.
 Glucose plus Oxygen yields ATP.
 Too much fat in the blood stream will rob the Red Blood Cells of their
oxygen and produce the microscopic traffic jam and the resulting
trapped blood proteins.
 Vitamin E prevents the fats from robbing the oxygen from the RBC’s.
 Cholesterol epoxide and other substances formed from cholesterol
will cause cells to mutate, which will cause cancer.
 If you remove oxygen from a healthy cell it will turn cancerous every
 Without oxygen glucose will ferment. Cancer cells live on the
fermentation of glucose.
Zero Disease
Problem with Salt
 Excess sodium outside the cells upsets the sodiumpotassium balance inside the cell.
 Salt will trap blood proteins and pull water out of the
blood stream. This is why salt makes you thirsty and
causes fluid retention.
 The only sodium we need is the salt we get in our
natural fruits, vegetables, and whole grains or
 An alternative to salt would be BioSalt.
More info on www.biosaltusa.com
Zero Disease
Problem with Sugar
 Simple sugars are released very quickly into the
blood stream.
 Too much sugar in the blood stream will dilate the
capillary membranes just like stress, shock, or
poisons from damaged cells.
 Sugar is also a physically and mentally addicting
drug, much like alcohol.
 The simple sugars will trap your blood proteins, pull
the water out of the blood, make you thirsty, shut your
generators off, and damage or kill the cells.
Zero Disease
Adrenal and Pituitary Diabetes
 In conditions of hypoglycemia, the adrenal gland will
secrete cortisol in attempt to make glucose from the
protein in the cells.
 The pituitary gland secretes growth hormone as an
attempt to preserve the protein in the cell.
 The growth hormone has a side effect of not allowing
glucose in the cell thus increasing blood glucose.
 It becomes a battle between the adrenal and pituitary
Zero Disease
High Protein Makes You Feel Good
While It Kills You.
 Eating a high protein diet by-passes the pituitaryadrenal gland battle.
 It takes the protein you are eating to make the
glucose instead of the protein from the cells, and
there is no growth hormone prohibiting the glucose
from coming into the cells.
 The high protein diet causes the ill effects as
described earlier.
Zero Disease
Low Protein and Low Fat Diet
 Reduces risk of Colon, Breast and Prostate Cancer.
 “When people eat all the carbohydrates they want and reduce
fat intake, people tend to loose weight.” Dr. Kelly West, Clinical
Professor of Medicine at the University of Oklahoma.
 Eat more whole grains cereals, rice, and other noodles; all
bread except white; plain Graham crackers, rye crackers, whole
wheat muffins, oat muffins, corn muffins; all fresh vegetables;
potatoes; nonfat dairy items; apples, applesauce; apricots,
bananas, blackberries, strawberries, cherries, grapes,
muskmelon, grapefruit, oranges, peaches, pears, pineapples,
plums and tangerines.
 At dinner eat only moderate amounts of chicken or fish and limit
red meats to 3 times a week.
Zero Disease
High Carb, Low Protein and Fat
 Eat less: fats and oils, margarine and butter, table
sugar and anything made with sugar, including
cookies, cakes, ice cream etc.
 Daily need of protein is actually 25-35 grams.
 Vegetable sources of protein are superior or equal
to animal proteins.
 We can get protein in abundance from natural
brown rice, green leafy vegetables, the root
vegetable and legumes like chick-peas, and
Zero Disease
Praise the Potato.
 We would have to eat 11lbs of Potatoes to gain 1lb of weight.
 Provides:
 All of your Riboflavin (B2)
 11/2 times your Iron
 3-4 times your Thiamin (B1) and Niacin (B3)
 10 times your Vitamin C
 Good source of essential amino acids
 High source of Potassium
 Valuable aid in treating digestive disorders.
 The same amount of protein as mothers milk.
Zero Disease
Food Combinations
Zero Disease
8 Basic Rules for A Healthy Life.
Arnold Ehret in the book The Definite Cure of Chronic Constipation
To lengthen your life, shorten your meals.
Avoid drinking any liquids with meals.
Avoid all harsh condiments and spices.
Avoid using margarine and most cooking oils.
Avoid all denatured and over processed foods.
Avoid constipating foods such as mashed potatoes with gravy,
hot buns, cakes and pastries.
Avoid all frozen desserts such as ice-cream, sherbet, etc.
Make it a habit to visit the bathroom the first thing in the
morning or immediately after eating.
Zero Disease
Stages of Starvation (Fasting)
Zero Disease
Carbohydrates go immediately.
Fats go next.
Protein-The medical research states that protein undergoes
three phases of depletion during starvation.
Phase 1: There is a “fast depletion of protein at first”
Phase 2: then a “greatly slowed down depletion”
Phase 3: protein falls off “just shortly before death”.
More on Fasting
 Otto Buchinger, MD- Greatest authority on fasting,
says, “Fasting is a burning of rubbish.”
 The body digests its own tissue by the process of
autolysis or self-digestion.
 Your body will first decompose and burn those cells
and tissues which are diseased, damaged, aged or
 You can die in the first stages of starvation because
like fruit, you pull out the pockets of excess fluid,
excess sodium and poisons out too fast.
Zero Disease
Formulas for Life and Death
 Basic Formula for Life
No TPP = No Ex. Fl.
 Basic Formula for Death
TPP = Ex. Fl., Ex. Na+
 TPP = Ex. Fl., Ex. Na+ = ▲EE = •
 Thirst and loss of Energy are the first signs of sickness and
 The foods that cause loss of Energy and make you thirsty are
salt, simple sugars, fats, the high cholesterol foods, and too
much meat.
Zero Disease
Causes of Trapped Proteins
 Mental
 Shock, Stress, Anger, Fear, Loss of Temper,
Holding Grudges, Resentment, Greed.
 Nutritional
 Tea, Coffee, Liquor, Tobacco, Soft Drinks, Drugs,
Sugar, Salt, Fat, High Cholesterol Foods, Too
much Meat. (Thirst, Loss of Energy)
 Physical
 Shallow Breathing, and Improper Exercise
(Loss of Energy)
Zero Disease
Prevention of Trapped Proteins
 Mental
 Love, Bless, Do Good, Desire to Give (Phil 4:6)
 Nutritional
 More Fruits, Vegetables, Grains and Fish
(No Thirst and High Energy)
 Physical
 Breathe Deeply and Exercise Properly
(Lymphasize) (High Energy)
Zero Disease
Take Action NOW!
 Are you ready to become a new person?
 Quick fixes are nice, but over the long run they will
prolong your suffering until you stop breaking the pure
laws and principals that are causing your problems
 This is why the health care costs will continue to
double and tripple as they have every 10 years since
1950, until people put the truth first!
 This is Truth In Action ~ Race For The Truth!
Zero Disease
Take Action NOW!
 Start becoming a new person TODAY! NOW!
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