Word partnerships questions

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Word partnerships
Unit 6 / 7
Word partnership
• page 63.
• market research
• consumer behaviour
• product lounch
life cycle
• sales forecast
• advertising campaign
The four Ps are the basis of
marketing. Match them with their
• The cost to the buyer
of goods or services
• Informing customers
about products and
persuading them to
buy them
• Where goods or
services are available
• Goods or services that
are sold
Complete the text with the
best words:
• A brand can be defined as a name given to
a product by a company so that the
product can easily be recognised by its
name or its design. In our very _______
business world, a good brand is one of the
keys to the success of any company. It is
often a powerful ______ tool.
• However, the name is not everything. For a
brand to be successful, marketers have
• to know what the consumer ______ and
wants, so a lot of market ______ is
necessary. This gives them a consumer
________, that is to say a kind of picture
of the typical customer. It is a picture not
only of the customer’s needs and wants,
but also of their beliefs and values. If the
brand then clearly reflects those values, it
is more likely to be successful.
• The customer has so much _______
nowdays that a good brand is a necessity,
so that one product is clearly different
from another in his or her mind.
• A good brand of course has long-term
benefits, as it will _______ to many
different market _______ and to people
form different cultures.
• Yes-No questions (auxiliary verb+subject):
Are you coming?
Can you drive a truck?
Do you know his name?
Open questions (question word+auxiliary verb):
What is the brand name?
Which door is it?
Who is the Chief Executive?
Why are you putting up your prices?
• We use What if there are many possible
answers: What is their policy?
• If Who or What is the subject, the word
order is that of a statement: Who looks
after the travel arrangements?
• The question word How can be followed by
an adjective or an adverb: How big is the
warehouse? How well do you speak
Complete with the following
question words:
• when, how long, how many, how mush,
what, which, who, why
• _______ did you launch this advertising
• ________ didn’t you contact an
advertising agency?
• ______ money did you spend on the
• ________ new products did you launch?
Was it two or three?
• _______ did you target your new product
• ________ market segments has you
product been most successful in?
• ________ do you expect to continue to
buy this product?
• _______ is your sales forecast?
Role play situation.
• One of you is the Marketing Director
of a sunglasses manufacturer. The
ither is the European Sales Manager.
Role play a telephone call to talk
about a focus group for the
company’s new range of sunglasses.
• page 67