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Induced Current in a Generator
• The effect of inducing a current in a coil by moving
a magnet inside it is used for the generation of
electricity in power plants
• There are two types of generator or dynamo.
Both turn rotational energy into electrical energy.
1. One type involves rotating a coil inside a
2. The other type involves rotating a magnet
inside a coil
• Both types produce ALTERNATING CURRENT.
An electric generator consists of a magnet, which creates a
magnetic field, and a loop of wire which rotates in the magnetic
field. As the wire rotates in the magnetic field, the changing
strength of the magnetic field through the wire produces a force
which drives the electric charges around the wire. AS the loop
spins, the direction of the force changes, so too then does the
direction of the current The changing direction of the force after
every 180 degrees of rotation gives the alternating current.
• A transformer can change electrical energy of a
given voltage into electrical energy at a different
voltage level.
• It consists of two coils arranged in such a way
that the magnetic field surrounding one coil cuts
through the other coil. When an alternating
voltage is applied to one coil, the varying
magnetic field set up around that coil induces
an alternating voltage in the other coil.
• Transformers will not work with direct current,
since no changing magnetic field is produced,
and therefore no current can be induced
This transformer's job is to
reduce the 4160 volts down to
the 240 volts that makes up
normal household electrical
service. It is a step down
Step Up Transformer at Power Plant
• The factor which determines whether a
transformer is a step up( increasing the
voltage) or step down (decreasing the
voltage) type is the "turns" ratio.
• The turns ratio is the ratio of the number of
turns in the primary winding to the number
of turns in the secondary winding.
Input Voltage
Output Voltage
Step up Transformer
Incoming Voltage
Outgoing Voltage