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Transcript P1_Physics_Summary_Topics_5_and_6

Keywords: Current, Energy, Power, Efficiency, Potential difference, Induction,
P1 Topic 5/6: Generation and Transmission
of Electricity and Energy and the Future
This topic looks at:
How electricity is produced
How we calculate current, voltage and power
Conservation and the efficiency of energy use.
Give an example of where you would use a Step up transformer.
Give an example of where you would use a Step down transformer.
Give an advantage and disadvantage of each of
these electricity generation methods
Fossil fuels
A step down transformer converts the 240V mains supply to 12V to power a laptop computer. If there is 90
turns on the secondary coil, show that there needs to be 1800 turns on the primary coil.
Nuclear power
Identify the energy transfers at each stage
What is the efficiency of this bulb?
Wind and wave power
Efficiency =
Keywords: Transformer, Generator, Dynamo, Direct current, Alternating current, Step up, Step down.