Magnetism 4 Electromagnets

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Magnetism 4
Electricity and Magnetism Related
Hans Christian Oersted
Discovered that an electric current causes a
magnetic field
Connected a series circuit
and turned on the power. A
nearby compass moved!
This Proved
there was an
electromagnetism link
Michael Faraday
Discovered that a magnetic field causes
an electrical current.
Moved a wire through the
magnetic field of a strong
magnet. Found that an
electric current was produced
in the wire.
Temporary magnet made by wrapping a current
carrying wire around an iron core.
More power
More coils = ____________
More power
More current = ____________
Moving coil electric current detector.
The amount of deflection of a needle attached to
the coil is proportional to the current passing
through the coil.
The accuracy of moving coil meters is
dependent upon.….
Having a uniform and constant magnetic field