Topic: Electricity and Magnetism - Western Beaver County School

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Transcript Topic: Electricity and Magnetism - Western Beaver County School

Topic: Electricity and Magnetism
PSSA: 3.4.7.C / S8.C.2.1
 TLW explain the relationship between
electricity and magnetism.
 TLW explain how an electromagnet
 TLW explain how an electric motor
and a generator work
MI #1: What is electromagnetism
Electromagnetism is the interaction
between electricity and magnetism
Hans Christian Oersted determined
that electric current produces
magnetic field.
MI #2: Electromagnets
 A solenoid is a coil of wire that produces a
magnetic field when carrying electric
 An electromagnet is a solenoid wrapped
around an iron core.
 The strength of an electromagnet can be
increased by increasing the number of
loops in the solenoid.
MI #3: Electric Motors
 An electric motor changes electrical
energy into mechanical energy.
 As electric current moves through the
wire, magnetic field forces make the
wire spin; the spinning wire can then be
used to make wheels move.
MI #4: Generating Electricity
 An electrical generator converts
mechanical energy into electricity.
 As wire is rotated between the poles of
a magnet, electricity is generated.
 Electricity can also be generated if a
magnetic is moved through a coil of
So What…? Real Life Application
 The principles of electromagnetism are
used in nearly all of our electrical