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Electricity and
By David Malec
Static Electricity
Static Electricity is made
when charges build up.
Static Electricity happens
when objects have
opposite charges.
Static Electricity has
two kinds of charges.
Making Circuits
There are two kinds of
circuits one is a Series
circuit and the other is
a Parallel.
A circuit is made when
an electricity source is
connected to wire
which makes a path
for the electricity to
Magnetic Poles
A magnetic pole is the
end of a magnet.
There is a North Pole
and a South Pole.
Opposite magnetic
poles attract and poles
that are alike repel.
Magnetic Fields
The shape of the field
depends on the shape of
the magnet.
The field loops around the
magnet differently
depending on what it is
The magnetic field attracts
any type of metal or steel
objects near it.
An electromagnet is made
when a magnet that has
coils of current carrying a
wire around an iron core.
An electromagnet is a
temporary magnet.
It has a magnetic force
only when it has an
electric current passes
through the wire coil.
Electrical Energy
We use electrical energy to light up our
houses, heat up objects, and to power
objects that require it.
We have used electrical energy since 1879
when it was created by Tomas Edison.
Today we take electricity for granted so we
have a lot of it.