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Career Education
Submitted by:Rebecca Joyce
Interview conducted with David Joyce
Submitted on: November 2, 2015
Where do you work?
 Rogers Communications!
What is your position?
 Field Operations Manager for Rogers
Cable, service and installation
technicians for St. John’s.
What brought you to this job?
 Faith and hard work.
How did hard work help you get this
 Well I started as a computer support
technician in the office and worked at
that for 1 year.
 I was then promoted to technician
where I worked for 12 years and now I
have been promoted again to my
current job for the last 3 years.
How many hours do you work per
 I am scheduled to work 37.5 hours a
week but some weeks I can work up to
60 hours.
 My phone is always on and I have to be
available 24 hours a day.
Are you happy with the hours you
 I don’t mind the hours because even
though I have to be available all the
time I still have flexibility to leave work
when ever I need to.
What kind of things do you do in your
 I am responsible for 22 technicians.
 I am responsible for their safety, their
schedules and their work load.
 I am also responsible to make sure the
job gets done and that our customers
are happy.
Do you like your job and why?
 I love my job because I work with a
great group of people.
Is your job difficult?
 My job can be very difficult when I have
to deal with irate customers and I have
to support 22 technicians in the field.
That can be very challenging.
Have you traveled with work? If so
 Yes! I have to travel across the island
to Corner Brook, Gander and Grandfalls
twice a year for safety conferences with
all the technicians.
Can you be promoted? What can
you be promoted too?
 Yes I can be promoted and the next
step for me would be Director of Field
Operations in Atlantic.
What type of benefits do you get?
 I receive medical and dental benefits for
me and my family.
 I have a retirement plan and shares with
the company.
Is your job dangerous?
 Yes, my job can be very dangerous
because we work from heights around
high voltage electricity.
 I have to have all the same training and
sometimes I have to work along side the
What safety training is required for
your job?
 Fall arrest
 Power Line Hazards
 First Aid
 Pole Top Rescue
 Electrical Awareness
What safety equipment is used in
your job?
 Full body harnesses and lanyards to tie
off on a pole.
 Fire rated and arch rated clothing.
 Hard hats, voltage gloves and voltage
 Cones for traffic control.
Would you choose a different job if
you were given the chance?
 Not now because I am to old.
How has your job effected you?
 My job a effected me a lot. I have to
make quick decisions and I have to be
firm with these decisions. This has
carried over into my personal life where
I have difficulty letting others make
decisions for me.
Do you have to deal with the public?
Do you enjoy this?
 Yes!
 I do enjoy this. However, this is one of
the most difficult challenges in my job
because when the customer gets to me,
there has to be a major problem.
What is one of the biggest problems you
have had to deal with?
 I just recently had a customer that had a
problem with cable melting in their home.
They had an electrician and Light and Power
that could not find a problem. I had to drop
what I was doing and directly to their home
because I was concerned with fire.
 Turns out a faulty dryer was causing 120 volts
to go back through the cable.
Would recommend this job to
someone else?
 I would recommend this job to
someone if they have a strong
personality and work well under