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The “Shocktopus”
Aaron Chupa
Rebekah Collins
Matt James
Chafik Menad
Saad Chaudhry
Matt Zimmerman
Chris Thomas
Design and develop an energy harvesting
and electrical energy storage system.
• Utilizes vertical and horizontal
water wave motion to create
• Electrical energy is conditioned
and stored for later use
Basic Setup:
• Coils are housed individually in
PVC tubing in order to provide a
waterproof enclosure
• Each tube has an end cap which
provides secure positioning for the
coil and magnet
• Magnet-Coil systems in conjunction
with low-loss rectification procedures
produces DC power from motion
provided by water waves
Functional Block Diagram:
Storage and Monitoring:
•Monitors the current, accumulated charge
and voltage on a charging battery in realtime by connecting the “Watt's Up” meter
• Current (As) and power (W) show the
average rate of charge and the voltage
indicates the current battery charging