Current and Resistance

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Transcript Current and Resistance

Physical Science
Mr. Barry
 Electric
current (I)
: the net movement
of electric charges
in a single
 Measured in
Amperes (A)
 Electric
current flows
through a closed path
called a circuit
 Voltage
Difference (or
Potential Difference,
or Voltage) is the
ability to move an
electric charge
through a resistance
 Voltage Difference is
measured in Volts (V)
 Increasing
the Voltage difference in a
circuit will cause more current to flow
battery is a device
that stores chemical
energy and makes it
available as
electrical energy
 A battery can
provide the voltage
difference in a circuit
 Resistance: the
tendancy of a material to
oppose the flow of electrons
R Measured in Ohms – Ω
 Resistance changes electrical energy into
thermal energy and light
 Insulators
have more
resistance than
 Thinner wires have more
 Longer wires have more
 Hotter wires have more