Chapter 7 Review

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CH. 7 Review
TEKS covered: 6f
• When you talk about a battery's voltage, you
are referring to:
• amount of energy per unit of charge.
• 6 alkaline AA batteries are placed in series.
What is the total voltage of the batteries?
• 1.5 V x 6 = 9 Volts
• Which of the following makes a good analogy
for a battery?
• A. Water pipes
• B. Narrow areas in water pipes
• C. Water faucet
• D. Water tower and pump
• D
• Direct current (DC) is current that flow in ____
• 1 Direction
• In an electrical circuit, the term current refers
• Charges that flow
• Electrical current will pass easily through what
type of material:
• conductor
• Which are the two best conductors of
• Gold and silver
• Objects that conduct electricity poorly are
• Insulator
• The ability of an object to resist current is
• electrical resistance
• An ohm is the unit of measurement for:
• resistance
• A path that allows only one route for an
electric current is called a ____ circuit.
• series
• What is a device designed to open an
overloaded circuit and prevent overheating in
• Circuit breaker
• In Figure 7-1, circuit _____ is wired in series.
• A
• In Figure 7-1, circuit ____ represents the way
that homes are usually wired.
• B
• ***
• A measure of the potential energy of an
electric charge
• voltage
• The flow of electric charges in a circuit
• current
• The property of a material that allows charge
to flow readily.
• Electrical conductivity
• The unit of current equal to one coulomb of
charge per second.
• Ampere
• Amount of charge in AAA, AA, C, and D
• 1.5 Volts
• Property that makes tungsten glow in a light
• Resistance
• Change that occurs across a "user" in an
electric circuit
• Voltage drop
• The statement that current is equal to voltage
difference divided by the resistance of an
object is ______ law.
• Ohm’s
• AC is different from DC because AC current
• alternates
• Name the semiconductor used in computer
• Silicon
• What is the correct symbol that represents
• 