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Transcript UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA Dept. of Environmental Health and

Dept. of Environmental
Health and Safety
Improving Research Safety
Council of Research Associate Deans
September 21, 2006
Craig Moody, Director
University Health and Safety
What have we done?
• Research safety work group – 2005
• Surveyed Research Safety Officers (RSO)
• Hired two additional professional staff –
• Developed proposal for Research Safety
– Senate Research Committee
– Faculty stakeholder group
Measuring effectiveness of research
Serious injuries
Department lab safety plans completed
Department RSOs appointed
Annual lab audits
What do we want to improve?
• Process for assessing hazards
• Facilities used with hazardous materials or
– Contain hazards with ventilation or structure
– Coordinate detection/alarm systems
– Adequate back-up systems for critical operations
• Development of safe operating and emergency
response procedures
• Identify and evaluate high hazard operations
• Inform the planning of new facilities during
program development
• Develop Administrative Research Safety
Policy and Procedures
• Charter Research Safety Committee
• Determine how to best support RSOs
Examples of high hazard operations
Use of pyrophoric gases or liquids
Use of extremely toxic or corrosive gases
Use of large volumes - flammable gases or liquids
Pressurizing flammable liquids
Use of extremely toxic solids or liquids
Use of concentrated hydrofluoric or perchloric
acid to treat or react with other materials
• Maintenance of equipment supporting the above
Examples of high hazard
operations …
• High pressure vessels for processing samples
• Exposed high voltage, high amperage electrical
High intensity magnetic fields for research or
clinical uses
Class 3b or Class 4 lasers
Noise exposures approaching OSHA standards
Operations posing hazards from loss of utilities
Research Safety Committee Proposal
Voluntary review committee
Faculty and staff representation
Review facilities, equipment and procedures
Provide recommendations to researchers
Advise DEHS on research safety program