Integrity, Ethics and Core Values

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Transcript Integrity, Ethics and Core Values

Ethics and Core Values
-Roopa Iyer
“Whether men understand it or not, they are impelled by
that power behind to become unselfish. That is the
foundation of morality. It is the quintessence of all
ethics, preached in any language, or any religion, or by
any prophet in the world. “Be thou unselfish”, “Not ‘I’,
but ‘Thou’ “- that is the background of ethical codes.”
-Swami Vivekananda
Ethics Vs Moral
 Moral- What is right and What is wrong
 Ethics- Character/Personal attribute/Value system
 Moral is to Society while Ethics is to Individual
 Factors affecting ethics at workIndividual Standards, Co-workers
influence, Codes and compliance
 Ethical dilemmas'-choosing between
right and right, choosing between self
interest Vs organizational interest.
 Benefits- promote strong public
image, strong teamwork and greater
productivity, enhanced growth.
Company Secretary and Ethics
-Company Secretary a Governance
-Corporate governance is about
promoting corporate fairness,
transparency and
accountability. Basis for this is
the personal character-Ethics.
-Corporate governance can also be
defined “as formal system of
accountability and control for
ethical and socially responsible
organizational decisions and
use of resources.”
Core Values
-A professions specific core values
enhance one’s professional
perspective, judgment and
ability to function within that
-Core values subjective in nature.
-Set own core values.
Must have Values- A Model
 Cognition-associated with the
values of truth, honesty and
 Emotions-associated with the
values of peace and harmony
 Valuing-associated with the
ethical values of fairness and
 Spirit-associated with the values
of love and enthusiasm.
 Identity-associated with the
values of insight, meaning and
Corporate Leader
 the need to feel successful and
 the need to know that you
 the need to know you are
making a difference
 the need to hear you are good.
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