Definition of Ethics

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Islamic University of Gaza
Faculty of Nursing
Midwifery department
Midwifery Ethics
First lecture
Dr. Areefa Albahri
Definition of Ethics
Ethics came from the Greek word {Ethos} which
means: (custom, habit, conduct).
And also ethics defined as "the science that
approaches human actions in forms of Right or
wrong" and these actions are {Voluntary actions}.
In Greek and Roman times, midwives
functioned as respected, autonomous care
providers to women during their reproductive
Midwife" is a word which in English was
translated to mean "with woman", implying
the supportive
In French a midwife is a sage femme, or a
"wise woman
Generally there is different types of ethics e.g.
bioethics ,business ethics .
-Midwife may find herself in situations in
which her believes &values in conflict with
Maintaining confidentiality and improving
ones own professional competence, skills and
knowledge and working with clients as unique
-Some times ethics resemble the meaning of,
morals ,rights ,&law .
Special terms used in ethics
goodness .
-Right .
-justice .
What makes an action {behavior} moral or not depending on?
The act itself-what it is.
 The motive why.
 The circumstance.
All events surrounding the action.
e.g.: "When, where, how, to whom, how often . . .
Ethical Principles
Respect: you must respect pt's autonomy,
dignity& liberty.
Beneficence: Is to do only good / non maleficent.
"To do no harm"
Altruism: Is to protect the community by
supporting actions, to meat the health and social
need of the public.
Paternalism: Is to protect the weak person.
Veracity: Is the obligation to tell the truth.
Fidelity: Is the obligation to loyal to the pt.
community and profession.
Justice: Is to be fair, and equitable to all pts
Regardless of any service you want to give.
Egoism: Is the right to maximize personal
Nurses autonomy: the nurse must be autonomous
which means: "Never looking up on another
person" and has the right to self – determination.
Utilitarianism: Is the greatest good for the
greatest members.
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