Scientific Inquiry - Norwich High School

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Transcript Scientific Inquiry - Norwich High School

Scientific Inquiry
What Scientists Do and Why They
Do It
What Is Scientific Inquiry
• How Scientists
- Think
- Observe
- Experiment
- Validate Their Ideas
Think Like A Scientist
1. Observation: gathering information by using
one or more of your senses.
- Smelling
- Seeing
- Hearing
- Touching
- Tasting
What Do We Use To Make
2. Instruments: devices used to extend our
EX. Thermometer, ruler, microscope
What Do We Do With All Of These
3. Gives us a lot of:
Field Studies
Types of Data
Qualitative = Data obtained by using
your senses. Descriptive Ex: the
paper feels rough, the leaves are red.
Quantitative = Data obtained by using
tools to take measurements.
Ex: the paper clip weighs gram,
it is 92° outside.
Data Gives Us Ideas
6. Inferences: a conclusion that logically
follows a set of observations.
Inferences can be right or wrong
• Ex: You observe your neighbor’s garden
plants are tall and green.
• You know the neighbor fertilizes the
• INFERENCE: the fertilizer causes the
plants to grow tall and be green.
Skills Practice