Digestive System

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The Digestive System
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Digestive System Challenge
Take in complex foods.
Mechanically break food down.
Chemically break food down.
Absorb food to power our bodies.
Materials that cannot be absorbed are
eliminated through the excretory system.
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Anatomy of Digestion
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Let’s start the journey!
In the
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Salivary Glands:
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The Stomach
very acidic.
lined with thousands of gastric glands.
gastric juices contain HCL and pepsin.
initial chemical breakdown of proteins.
more mechanical breakdown.
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The Stomach
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The intestinal tract
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1. What are two methods we break down food?
2. What happens to materials our bodies cannot break
3. What role does saliva play in digestion?
4. What is a sphincter?
5. What does the epiglotis do?
6. Why doesn't the stomach get disgested itself with all
the acid in it?
7. What is one cause of a Peptic ulcer?
8. How is the surface area of the intestine increased ?
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