Winter-run Chinook Salmon

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California Anadromous Fish
There are 5 Native Species of
Salmon in California
Chinook Salmon
Chinook are the largest of the 5 native Pacific
Salmon species. They are also called “King”
Winter-run: Federally and State listed Endangered
Spring-run: Federally and State listed Threatened
Coho Salmon
(a.k.a. Silver Salmon)
Coho salmon are no longer present in the
Central Valley Rivers (extirpated).
Federally Threatened
State Endangered
Steelhead and Rainbow trout are the
same species of fish. If they become
anadromous, they are steelhead, if food is
abundant in their river, they will remain
resident and are
Federally threatened
Golden Trout
Green Sturgeon
The green sturgeon sifts muds and silts for
food and feeds upon small invertebrates and
fishes. Since it has no teeth, it must swallow
its food whole. The green sturgeon is
anadromous, spending its adult life in the
ocean but ascending coastal streams in the
winter where it remains to spawn the
following summer. These fish may live to be
over 100 years old.
White Sturgeon
White Sturgeon are anadromous fish that
spend most of their lives within an estuary,
usually returning to freshwater only to spawn.
Most food is taken from the bottom of the
estuary where the sturgeon may pick up
clams, crabs, and shrimp. Larger sturgeon
begin to feed on other fish such as anchovies,
starry flounder, smelt and striped bass. The
opportunism of the white sturgeon can be
seen in their documented consumption of
crayfish, trout, frogs, salmon, crayfish and
even one domestic cat.
Striped Bass
The striped bass can live in both
freshwater and saltwater environments.
In coastal populations, individuals may
ascend streams and travel as much as
100 miles inland to spawn. There are
land-locked populations that complete
their entire life cycle in freshwater. These
generally ascend tributaries of the lakes
or reservoirs where they spend their lives
American Shad
American Shad are indigenous to the
Atlantic Coast and were introduced to the
Pacific Coast in the 1870s. The spend
most of their time at sea but returns to
freshwater streams to breed, where it is
usually caught. It grows to 2.5 feet (76
cm) and may live to 11 years. Shad often
migrate more than 12,000 miles during
it’s lifetime.
California Species of Special
Pink Salmon
Coastal Cutthroat Trout
Paiute Cutthroat Trout
Volcano Creek Golden Trout
Summer Steelhead Trout
Kern River Rainbow Trout
Goose Lake Redband Trout
McCloud River Redband Trout
Steelhead vs. Rainbow Trout
Rainbow trout and steelhead are the same species
of fish!!!!!!
If the fish remains in it’s home river and leads a nonanadromous life, it is a Rainbow trout.
If the fish travels to the ocean and becomes
anadromous,it becomes a Steelhead
Steelhead will convert to rainbow trout if:
 It’s a drought year
 Their river becomes blocked
 There is ample food in the stream
This allows for this species to be more adaptable to
changing environmental