INV 1: Building a Culture of Achievement

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Transcript INV 1: Building a Culture of Achievement

Do Now – January 27th, 2014:
Draw a picture or describe what you
think this neighborhood looked like 200
years ago.
Can you identify this
• Succession is a series of slow
changes that occur in an area until a
stable community is reached.
• An abrupt change in an ecosystem
(like a forest fire or flood) can lead
to succession.
Describe the change that you see happening from
1840 to 1990 in this ecosystem.
This ecosystem started as a pond but then
gradually was filled in until the pond had
become part of a forest.
What do we call this kind of ecological change?
Does this kind of change usually happen
quickly or gradually?
Which species would have been harmed the most by
this succession?
Fish, seaweed
Which species would have benefited the most by this
Trees, plants, animals
How might a forest fire lead to more succession of
this ecosystem?
Gradually, the ecosystem would return to
being a forest even after a forest fire
Exit Slip
Describe three stages of succession
that would occur as a lake was
becoming filled up with soil over time.