Holy Roman Empire and the Crusades

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Transcript Holy Roman Empire and the Crusades

Holy Roman Empire and the
Holy Roman Empire
• With the rise of Monarchies, there
becomes a struggle between the
Emperors and the Church
– Many battles over who should have more
• Pope Innocent III holds interdict over many
– People would revolt if this happened
The Crusades
• Began in 1096
– Christians battle Muslims
• Council of Clermont - Byzantine Emperor
asks Pope Urban II for help against the
Seljuk Turks to defend the Holy Land
– “Christ commands it. Remission of sins will
be granted for those going thither.”
The Crusades
• First Crusade - 1099
– Christian knights capture Jerusalem
• Second crusade
– Muslims capture Jerusalem in 1187
– Led by Saladin
• Third Crusade
– Europeans fail to reclaim Jerusalem
– Pilgrims are allowed to visit
• Fourth Crusade
– Christians against Christians
– Europeans attack Constantinople
The Crusades
• Result of Crusades
– Legacy of religious hatred
– Trade increased and expanded
• Money economy grows
– Wider worldview
• Muslims
• India and China
– Marco Polo
The Crusades
• Reconquista
• Campaign to drive the Muslims out of Spain
– Ferdinand and Isabella
– 1469 Spain becomes a country
• Complete the Reconquista
– Isabella launched a crusade against Jews and
– Inquisition- Church court against heresies