The Crusades

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The Crusades
Call for Help
Byzantine Emperor Alexius Comnenus’s
appeal (1093)
Come then, with all your people and give battle with all your strength, so that
all this treasure shall not fall into the hands of the Turks…Therefore act while
there is still time lest the kingdom of the Christians shall vanish from your sight
and, what is more important, the Holy Sepulchre shall vanish. And in your
coming you will find your reward in heaven, and if you do not come, God will
condemn you.
Pope Urban II issued a call for a Crusade to
regain control of the Holy Land
Assured a place in heaven
 “God wills it”
 1097, 3 armies joined near
 The Crusaders captured the
city on July 15, 1099
 1144 Turks regained Edessa
 2nd Crusade failed to capture
 1187 Jerusalem fell to Saladin
3rd Crusade
Recapturing Jerusalem
Richard the Lion-Hearted vs Saladin
Truce in 1192
Jerusalem remained under Muslim control
Later Crusades failed
Children’s Crusade
1212, French 12 year old boy, Stephen of
30,000 children
Germany, Nicholas of Cologne
20,000 children and young adults
Spanish Crusade
Muslims (Moors) controlled Spain until 1100s
Reconquista: drive the Muslims out
1400s Muslims held onto Granada
1492, Christians took over Granada under
Ferdinand and Isabella
Imposed the Inquisition
Effects of the Crusades
Women had more opportunity
Trade expanded from Europe to Southwest Asia
Lessened power of the pope
Intolerance and prejudice; left Muslims bitter
and angry towards Christians (still present)