Lesson 2 Jedi Journal (Learning Target Notes)

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Transcript Lesson 2 Jedi Journal (Learning Target Notes)

Chapter 12: Classical Greece
Lesson 2 – Peloponnesian War
Jedi Journal (Learning Target Notes)
4.) I can explain the reasons for
war between Athens and Sparta.
1. Both city-states wanted to be the most
2. City-states feared Athens because of its grab
for power and prestige.
3. The rise of Athens from a city-state into a
naval empire.
4. Athenian settlers began to move into other
city-state lands.
5. Resentment on how Athens spent money from
the Delian League’s treasury.
5.) Can I outline the events and describe the
results of the Peloponnesian War?
1. The war lasted for 27 years and the main citystates fighting were Athens and Sparta.
2. Athens avoided land battles, so Pericles
persuaded people to come inside the acropolis
for safety.
3. He thought food could be supplied via the sea.
4. Sparta cut off the food supply for Athens.
5. A plague outbreak killed around 33% of the
Athenians, including Pericles.
6. Athens and Sparta signed a truce in 421 B.C.
7. Athens finally surrendered in 404 B.C.