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Educational Series Promoting Good Health
Benefits of a Plant Based Diet to
Reduce Risk of Chronic Disease
Michelle Bratton RD CSO
September 12, 2013
University of Arizona cancer Center
Learning Objectives
• Identify risk factors for cancer and
other chronic diseases
• Describe diet and lifestyle
recommendations to reduce cancer
• List characteristics of a plant-based
 He that takes medicine and neglects
diet wastes the skill of the physician.
- Chinese Proverb
Be as Lean as Possible Without
Becoming Underweight
One of the most
important things
you can do to
reduce your risk
of cancer as
well as other
Obesity As a Risk Factor
Heart Disease
Type 2 Diabetes
• Post-menopausal Breast,
Renal, Esophageal,
Colorectal, Pancreatic,
Gallbladder, Endometrial,
What is My Risk?
 Body Mass Index
• LESS THAN 18.5 UnderWeight
• 18.5-24.9 – Healthy
• 25-29.9 – Overweight
• 30 OR MORE – Obese
 Abdominal Obesity Can
Act as A “Hormone
How To Do It
 Choose foods lower
in energy density
 Be physically active
 Avoid fast food and
sugary drinks
 Keep an eye on
portion sizes
 Keep a food diary
 Eat breakfast
 Try cooking
 Plan meals
 Get help
active for
at least
30 minutes
every day!
Exercise? Yes!
hormone levels
Immune function
Weight control
Avoid sugary drinks.
Limit consumption of
energy-dense foods
Compare 100 Grams of…
Wheat bread
23 calories
71 calories
85 calories
105 calories
165 calories
266 calories
535 calories
597 calories
Don’t Drink Your Calories
Avoid regular soda
Limit fruit juice
Limit alcohol
Choose water, unsweetened
tea or coffee
• Eat more of a
variety of
fruits, whole
grains and
legumes such as
What is the link?
Five a day
How about 7-9
How To Do It
• Berries on your cereal or juice
• Vegetable soup or carrot sticks
• Apple
• Salad and cooked vegetable
Or The New American Plate
Starchy Foods and Whole Grains
Choose less processed grains
Whole-grain bread
Brown rice, wild rice
Whole grain cereal
Whole grain pasta
Quinoa, cous cous, farro, barley
Limit consumption of red meats
and avoid processed meats
Strongest evidence for crc
Increased red meat often means less
plant based foods
Limit vs. Avoid
3 ounce
portion 6 times
a week
6-8 ounce
portion two or
three times a
Instead of Red Meat…
If consumed at all, limit alcoholic
drinks to 2 for men and
1 for women a day
Tips For Reducing Alcohol
Opt for smaller servings. Avoid
double measures of spirits.
Alternate between alcoholic and
non-alcoholic drinks
Dilute alcoholic drinks
Keep a few nights each week
alcohol free
consumption of
salty foods
foods processed
with salt
5 Steps to Reduce Salt
1. Eat more vegetables and fruits
2. Choose home cooked meals
3. Gradually reduce the salt you
4. Use spices, herbs, garlic, lemon
5. Check food labels
Do not use
supplements to
against cancer
A Delicate Balance
• Supplements provide higher levels of
nutrients than foods
• SELECT trial
Useful Supplements
Folic acid for early pregnancy
Vitamin D and iron for pregnant
women and nursing mothers
Calcium for bone health
Low calorie diets
Vitamin D
After treatment, cancer survivors
should follow the
recommendations for cancer
Preventing Cancer Recurrence
Reliable Resources
 American Cancer Society
 Mayo Clinic
 American Institute for Cancer Research
 Natural Medicines Database
 Nutrition Action Health Letter
 What to Eat by Marion Nestle
Nothing would be more tiresome
than eating and drinking if God had
not made them a pleasure as well
as a necessity.