Communication Skills

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Transcript Communication Skills

A process through which
two or more people
exchange information.
 Preventing Misunderstandings Unclear
communication can cause hurtful misunderstandings.
 Building Healthy Relationships Communication is a
tool for building good relationships.
 Expressing Yourself Good communication skills allow
you to let others know what you want and need.
Good Communication…
Immediate feedback
Open lines of communication
Allows you to say things
you normally wouldn’t say
face to face.
Bad Communication…
No emotion
May not get a response
May misinterpret
Allows you to say things
you normally wouldn’t say
face to face.
Do you know
what the 3
styles are?
A passive communicator does
not offer opposition when
challenged or pressured.
An aggressive
is hostile and
When you communicate
assertively, you express yourself
in a direct, respectful way.
Assertive communication is best for everyone, it takes
into consideration everyone’s needs
What does it mean to be an Active Listener?
Active Listening means letting
the speaker know you are
listening and clarifying
Paraphrasing means
anything confusing.
using your own words to
restate what someone
else says.
Being a good listener is as important
as being a good speaker!
What is another way we communicate without words?
What are other forms of Body Language?
What do
say about