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Supporting the ARTS in Rural Communities
Why are the Arts so Important to Rural
• Bringing communities and people together
– Social Isolation, all ages participate, learn together, skills transfer
• Encouraging Creativity
– Can do attitudes, self esteem
• Social and Economic Benefits
– Micro-business Incubator, Tourism/Festivals/Retail
• Tyranny of Distance from Major Art Centres
Events supported by MNDCF
• Mirboo North Art Show
• Mirboo North Arty Gras
• Mirboo North Art Space
• Boolarra Festival
• Boolarra Youth Theatre
• Fiddlehead Festival Yinnar
Mirboo North Art Show
• Annual Art Show – Mothers Day Weekend
– Run by Primary School Parents
– Over 4,000 visitors
– Generates around $20,000 for Primary School
• Major Event for Gippsland
• Auction of Primary School Students Artwork
• Youth involved in Event Management
• Iphoneography – Youth Engagement
Mirboo North Arty Gras
• Celebration of Community
• Annual Event linked to Art Show
• Street Parade, 700 participants, 60 Community Groups
– Floats, Bands, Horses, Mums on Mowers, Kids and Child Care
Major Country Market
Side Shows and Musical Events
Youth Workshops – Music and Theatre
Great fun for all Age groups
Mirboo North Art Space
• Strategic Grant – 3 Year Seed funding
• Community Owned Art Space
• Major Social and Economic Benefits
– Retail Store
– Artists Display for Sale
– Micro-business Incubator
• Workshops
– Art, Music, Creative Crafting.
• Link to Art Show and Arty Gras
Conclusion/Future Potential
• Need for support in Rural Communities
• Need Seed Funding not just one-offs
• The Arts are Vital for Rural communities Wellbeing
• Future Potential
• Italian FESTA
– Food, market, musical events, side shows
– Religious festival. Mass in the Park
• Health & Wellbeing Theatre
– Local Gippsland group staging
– Depression and Mental Health.