WWII Propaganda Posters

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Transcript WWII Propaganda Posters

WWII Propaganda Posters
 Definition:
information, ideas, or rumors deliberately
spread widely to help or harm
 The use of well known,
respected people to
endorse the service.
 Be like the person in the
 Where do you see
testimonials today?
Glittering Generalities
 Use of words that evoke a
positive emotional
response from an
 What kind of
response do
these 2 posters
make you feel?
Plain Folks
Speakers in ads appear
to make the person to
be one of the people.
Everyday people to
endorse a product or
How does investing
10% of your pay
compare to this
woman’s sacrifice?
 Persuade people to take a
course of action.
"Join the crowd.“
As the poster asks, what
are you going to do
about it?
Name Calling
 The use of names or
words that evoke fear or
hatred in the viewer.
 Which of
these posters
invokes the
most fear in
its viewers?
Card Stacking
 Showing the product's
best features. Telling
half-truths and emitting
or lying about it's
potential problems.
 Do these posters show
any negative aspects of
joining the Army or
Your Assignment
 Design and illustrate a
WWII propaganda
Buy War Bonds
Enlist in the military
To conserve gas, grease,
Recycle scraps (paper,
metal, rubber)
Grow a victory garden
Women entering
 50 points
20 points for
20 points for slogan,
statement, or quote to
achieve your message
10 points for neatness
and colored