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How writers and advertisers use your
feelings and emotions to persuade you
to agree with them.
Where do we see propaganda?
Newspapers and books
Bumper stickers
Cartoons (political)
techniques in
Writers and advertisers use
many techniques to
convince you to agree with
them or buy their product.
An emotional appeal tries to
make the reader connect the
writer’s message with an
important feeling.
• Loaded Words
• Bandwagon
• Testimonial
• Name Calling
Loaded WORDS
 This technique often uses
interesting and eye-catching
 The loaded language
technique uses words
that cause a strong
 Once the reader is
feeling strongly, he or
she may be more likely
to agree with the writer.
 What are some examples
of loaded words?
Loaded Words
Whitening Expressions
Refreshing Vanilla
Get a cool and inviting
brushing experience
with Crest Whitening
Expressions Refreshing
Vanilla Mint.
Loaded WORDS
This billboard
advertisement uses
the word
“irresistible” to
appeal to our
The visual is also
very appealing.
The bandwagon technique appeals to the reader’s
need to belong. It tries to get you to do what
everyone is doing. It makes you think you need
to have this product in order to fit in.
Millions of people have
discovered Proactiv®
Solution...from people like you
to celebrities like Justin
Bieber, Jessica Simpson and
Katy Perrry... they all say
Proactiv Solution helped
banish their breakouts and get
them on the path to clear,
beautiful, star-quality skin.
 This technique uses the words of someone who
has actually used the product.
 Often, the testimonial comes from a celebrity –
if they use it and look good, why shouldn’t
 The normal, average person’s opinion is also
used to appeal to us.
Justin Bieber
"...the great thing about
Proactiv is that it's a
fantastic skin treatment,
whether you have acne
or not. It's gentle, it's
effective, it's a sort of
exfoliant, which I really
like - my skin has a
better texture about it
and it's easy to use."
Larry the Cable Guy lost 50
lbs. with the Nutrisystem
diet plan. Larry said,
“With NutriSystem, losing
weight is pretty much a
no-brainer (and that comes
in handy in my family).”
chain helped
save my life over
and over. I can't
ever repay that."
Name Calling
• This technique uses words that are
negative to describe an enemy or
• It compares one organization or idea to
another, showing how one is superior.
• It is often used in politics and during
There are many ads in which
the Apple company shows
how their products are
“better” than PCs.
• Mac OS X Leopard
“No other operating
system — Vista included
— offers the innovation
and simplicity of Mac OS
X. With Mac OS X
Leopard, the Mac leaps
even further ahead with
new features that let you
do more with less effort.”
Name Calling
Possible Republican Candidates for
the 2013 Presidential election
use name calling in their ads, as
in past elections.
One candidate claims to be a job
creator, and his opponents say
that he is a liar and spent a career
buying companies, slashing their
budgets, and shipping jobs
Discussion Questions
• What are advertisers true reasons for
persuading you?
• Are they trying to truly help you or are
they just wanting to sell a product and
make money?
• Should you try something or do
something just because it is popular?
• Propaganda techniques can be extremely
effective in persuading the reader to act on a
• As readers of propaganda techniques in
advertising, we must learn to recognize
emotional appeals.
• If we focus on the facts instead of the
feelings, we will make a better decision
about the writer’s opinion.
In Review
• Propaganda is how writers and advertisers use
your feelings and emotions to get you to agree
with them.
• The 4 most common techniques are: loaded
words, bandwagon, testimonial, and name calling.
• Advertisers use these techniques to influence us,
appeal to our emotions, persuade us to buy their
products, try to make us act on our emotions, get
us to do what everyone else is doing, etc.
• We need to rely on facts and research the products
before buying them and not rely ONLY on our
In Review
• E-mail Mr. P the answers to the discussion
questions in this PPT.
• E-mail Mr. P a list of the common propaganda
techniques discussed in this PPT.