Nazi Propaganda

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Nazi Propaganda
Define Propaganda
Webster defines propaganda as any
organized or concerted group, effort, or
movement to spread particular doctrines,
information, etc.
WWII Canadian Propaganda
Nazi Propaganda:
The Third Reich used propaganda to influence
German sentiment toward their political views.
 Nazi Propaganda came in a variety of forms from
pamphlets, speeches, newspaper articles,
cartoons and pictures.
 Next are some posters or visual material used to
persuade Germans along Hitler's views.
Methods of Propaganda
Appeal to Authority:
Bandwagon and
Inevitable Victory
Glittering Generalities
Vagueness. Generalities
are deliberately vague so
that the audience may
supply its own
Ipods are bad for education
We all know that minorities
are the problem so do
something about it
Canada is a beautiful place;
save it!
All the cool kids are doing it;
so should you
Hitler says that minorities are
the problem, so they are
Match the term with the example
Name Calling or Substitutions
of Names or Moral Labels.
Slogans. A slogan is a brief
striking phrase that may
include labeling and
Insinuation. Insinuation is used
to create or stir up the
Lying and distortion
Simplification. This is a
technique in which the many
facts of a situation are reduced
so the right or wrong, good or
evil, of an act or decision is
obvious to all.
Joe and bob were driving to
school one day. The car
slipped on the ice and bob was
killed. Joe was driving so he
murdered bob. He should die
as well
You know who really is to
blame for all the trouble in the
Only chumps watch hockey
90% of crime is committed by
I am Canadian!
"One People, One Government,
One Leader!"
It was the Nazi women's role to
produce racially pure Germans for
the Reich.
Poster from Nazi anti-Semitic Hate
Film, The Eternal Jew.
Modern Propaganda
How to win against propaganda?
You are part of a Canadian think-tank in
1936. You see there is growing support for
the Nazi movement.
 It is up to you to create a Propaganda
poster outlining your point of view.