Road to Revolution Part III: Things Heat Up!

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Transcript Road to Revolution Part III: Things Heat Up!

Colonists heckle
British Troops
Shots ring out!
Colonists are killed!
Leaders in each Colony begin to
Communicate about British
Calls for Colonies to unite
their efforts against British
Use “propaganda”
information that is spread
for the purpose
of promoting some cause
Oops. We are
The British are so
really sorry.
bad they killed
innocent people! They It was an accident.
Are murders & killers. The soldiers will
Be punished.
We must communicate
with & unite the
Short period of cool down between
England & the colonies
Ends in 1772 with
“Gaspee Incident”
The Tea Act: East India Tea Company
is given a “monopoly” or total
control of tea sales in the colonies
Colonists refuse to accept
the tea – Sons of Liberty
dump the tea into Boston Harbor!
We will not accept
your tea or your
monopolies. We had
no say! We will show
You by dumping
the tea!
We will pour the
tea down your
throats! You will
pay & obey!
Laws to punish Boston for Tea Party
Boston Harbor closed – British Army in
Charge of Boston (no Town meetings)
Other Colonies
fear this could
happen to them!
We all need to meet!
The British could do
this to all of us.
Maybe another
We will show you
whose boss! How
Do you like those