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Powtoon Vocabulary
Students find vocabulary in “The Nightingale” and make a presentation defining the words with text and images
Follow the directions below to complete the activity.
1. Look through “The Nightingale” and write down 3 words you are
unfamiliar with.
2. Get into your teams of 4 and each person choose one of their three
3. Write down your 4 vocabulary words and look up a definition with a
dictionary or
4. Open up your laptop, sign in and open Google Chrome.
5. Type in with the passcode your
teacher gives you.
6. Click on Create a New Powtoon.
7. Make a slide for your vocabulary word, then let another student make a
separate slide for their word.
8. When you are finished, click the blue Publish button on the top right.
9. Click Next.
10.Click Standard 480, Click Next.
11.In “My video description” type each students’ name in your group.
12.Click Publish.
This task uses:
Common Core/NG Standard(s):
Determine or clarify the meaning
of unknown and multiple-meaning
words and phrases based on grade
6 reading and content, choosing
flexibly from a range of strategies.
Consult reference materials (e.g.,
dictionaries, glossaries,
thesauruses), both print and
digital, to find the pronunciation of
a word or determine or clarify its
precise meaning or its part of