Promoting Technical Literacy

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Transcript Promoting Technical Literacy

ITP220 Java Prog II
Mr. Jeff Goldstein
[email protected]
Goals for Today
Introduction & Self-Introduction
 Why this book?
 Introduce JCreator IDE
 Software on CD-ROM
 Classroom exercise(s)
 Lab1 Questions  Open Lab
Group Projects?
Understand technical
concepts and principles
Read, understand, and
communicate in the language of the field
Apply programming knowledge, skills, and
logical methods
Use technology to complete projects
Only groups of 2 (as specified) in future labs
Here’s a good Java question:
// Without any changes can this application compile
// successfully? If so, predict the output.
public class PuzzleQuestion
public static void main(String[] args)
double x = 2.0;
double y = 0.0;
System.out.println(x / y);
My web site is a good up-to-date source
 Please ask questions about Lab
assignments, before leaving the class
 Please email me with questions.
 Call me on the cell phone, only if urgent.