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CIS 602
Java and the Web
Course Project
• Most students who study programming in an Academic
setting never create a programming assignment with
more than 200 lines of code, which is a handicap when
applying for a programming job.
• The final project for CS 602 is an opportunity to build
your resume. There is a lot of freedom to use
approximately one third of the semester to do a project
of your choice. The project will count for 25% of your
grade in the class.
Presenting Project
• The course is Java and the Web. Your project
must work from your Web site.
• It should also have suitable supporting and
planning documentation, chosen by you from the
types of documentation that you have used for the
homework assignments. The choice of documents
is up to you, but will be considered in assigning
you a grade.
Course Project
• The most important part of the course is the course project.
It must be an original project, at least 200 lines of code,
using a Web client, with a GUI layout and event handling.
You are encouraged to save and retrieve data from a
database through a server. It must be properly planned with
adequate planning documents, developed in an IDE, tested
with JUnit, and deployed on a Web Server, preferably on or Animation, graphics, and
sound are encouraged.
• Your project should have at least 20 different Java
• You are encouraged to use technology such as
JDBC, Java Server Pages and servlets.
• Try to create an application that you would be proud
to show to a prospective employer at the time you are
applying for a job.
• While you may use code and materials from other
sources, you must give credit and at least 75% of your
code must be original work, done by you.
• No demo programs from other sources are allowed.
• Do not use EJB or CORBA. This is to discourage you
from mixing work from CS 633 with CS 602. No work
done for any other course is permitted.