Computer Science A, 1

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Transcript Computer Science A, 1

Computer Science A 1
Course plan
• Introduction to programming
• Basic concepts of typical programming
• Tools: compiler, editor, integrated editor,
• A bit about software engineering –
methods used in constructing programs.
• A bit about graphics
Computer Science A
• What you have to do
• 3 * home work
• 2 * mini-project
• 1 * oral test based on mini-project
Java programs
public class Hello{
public static void main(String args[]){
System.out.println(”Hello world”);
A program contains classes (here Hello)
classes contains methods (here main)
methods contains statements (here System.out…)
One class has the same name as the file (
One method in that class is called main
Java statements
Print out
Reading input
Declare variables
int counter;
Change values of variables
counter = 1;
Method calls
if statements
while statements