The Nervous System

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The Nervous System
By: Allura, Ashley, Cortez, DeTrevion
How does the nervous system work?
The nervous system works by absorbing information through
the senses processing that information through a central brain and
using the information to trigger reactions throughout the rest of the
body. The billions of nerve cells called neurons that are connected to
each other and the other cells in the body transmit the information. In
terms of function the nervous system can be separated into the
voluntary and involuntary nervous system. The nervous system is a
network of nerve cells and nerve fibers that transmit nerve impulses
between parts of the body.
Sensory Nerves
Sensory Nerves means when a nerve carries information to the center
of the nervous system. The functions of the sensory nerve is the nerve
sends a signal to the center of the nervous system. The sensory nerve
is also known as the sensory neurons. The efferent neurons does the
opposite it carries signals away from the center of the nervous
system. The sensory neurons have special neurons that detects your
environment. The sensory neurons are located in the clusters and in
the dorsal root ganglia. Did you know that the sensory neurons
change light, touch, and sound into neural signals.
Mental illness
Mental illness is not like other sickness.It is a chronic disease so it has a
constant affect on the people who have this illness.The illnesses can cause
up to a number of things to happen to the person.One of the most
common of the effects is wired behavioral issues,from spazzing out for no
good reason to staring a someone for hours at a time.Mental illness can
also cause brain issues like suisidedle thoughts to not being able to talk
but the person will be able to hear.Mental illness is caused by a problem
with the person’s genetics.Mentall illness can not be fully cured but the
effects can be reduced with treatment for years on end.Mental illness is
becoming an bigger issue all over the world due to pollution and poverty
with in the human race.Mothers drinking and smoking can cause
complications and the child could be mental.Ther are many ways to
prevent mental illnesses.You can eat healthy and stay away from
dangerous places,people, and thaings.Emosions can cause you to go
mental to.
There are many diseases that affect the nervous system. One of the most
famous diseases is called Alzheimer's Disease. Alzheimer's Disease is caused
by dead blood cells.
Alzheimer's disease is a disease that causes you to lose memories, because of
dying blood cells. If you have it severely, you might lose the ability to make
memories. You might lose the ability to make memories, because of chemicals
in your cerebrum.
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