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Nervous System
Controls and coordinates your body's activities
and helps you sense and respond to changes in
your environment.
A cell of the nervous system or a nerve cell
The small junction across which a
nerve impulse passes from one
nerve cell to another nerve cell,
muscle cell, or a gland cell.
Any of the 5 faculties, such as sight, hearing,
smell, taste, or touch in which humans or
animals perceive stimuli coming from the
outside or inside the body
Organ that is the control center for actions,
thoughts, and emotions
Spinal Cord
A bundle of nerves that goes from the brain stem
down the center of the backbone
Bundle of fibers made up of neurons that carry
sensory and motor information throughout the
body in the form of electrical impulses.
External Stimuli
A stimulus that comes from outside the body of an
organism and that influences the behavior of the
organism. Examples: temperature, sound, light
and other organisms.
Fight or Flight Response
A biochemical reaction that both humans and
animals experience during intense stress or fear.
The nervous system releases hormones causing
changes to occur throughout the body.