Nervous System (Day 13).

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Nervous System
Function of the Nervous System
• Carries messages
within the body
• Allows us to respond
to our environment
• Consists of central
nervous system
(brain and spinal
cord) and peripheral
nervous system
You’ve got a lot of nerve!
• 3 types:
– Control voluntary
muscles (flex!)
– Carry info from
sensory organs (eyes,
nose, ears, etc.)
– Regulate involuntary
functions (breathing,
heartbeat, digestion)
Nerve Tissue
Made up of specialized cells (neurons)
Approx 100 billion in brain
One of few cells that are never replaced
Communication specialists
Allow 2-way flow (to and from brain)
Conduct electrical signals
What makes “You” Different?
• TMI moment of the day: Study of the
Teenage Brain!
Sensory Receptors
• Specialized cells
• Receive input from
• Send signals to
CNS (brain)
• Respond to heat,
pressure, light, pain,
fear, etc.
• Different parts of
brain involved
Brain Areas
New Technology
• “Bionic” arm
• Artificial arm controlled
by nerves
• Amputees
• Re-route arm nerves
to other parts
• Can move prosthetic
arm by thinking about it:
Check this out!
• Read pages 104-106 Questions on Page 107
# 2,4-7
• Work on Disease Project (due Wednesday
November 4th)