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Peripheral Nervous System
• Consists of of our Nerves (bundles of
axons into electrical cables) located
outside of the brain and spinal cord
• *Sensory and Motor Neurons*
Somatic and Autonomic
• Coordinates body
• Receives outside
• Regulates activities
under conscious
• Control system of
the body
• Glands, and the
muscles of our
Endocrine System
• System of glands that release
hormones into the bloodstream that
regulate the body and mind
• Influences mood, growth, metabolism,
sex drive, etc.
• Functions much slower than our
nervous system
Central Nervous System
• Consists of the brain and spinal cord
• Brain
– Cluster of “Neural Networks”
– Layers of neurons in work together for faster
• Spinal cord
– Information highway that connects the peripheral
nervous system to the brain
• Sensory info goes up, motor control goes down