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Cause of WWII
• Germanys humiliating defeat in WWI
• Terrible worldwide depression (even worse in Germany)
-Germany is in a state of turmoil
-Leads to the desire for a strong leader who will restore order
-This leads to rise of fascism and to dictatorship
• Adolf Hitler is elected to lead Germany
• Benito Mussolini is elevated to lead Italy
• Francisco Franco comes to power by winning Spanish civil war
-Germany and Italy come to support the fascist side with weapons
and airpower
-Some Americans volunteer to fight against the fascist in Spain
(called Abraham Lincoln Brigade)
Italy wants to expand into Africa
-attacks Ethiopia
Hitler's dream was for all Germans to live in one giant, united Germany
-The first aggressive move that Hitter makes is to move German troops
back into the Rhineland (Germanys border to France)
-Germany forces a union or “Anchuss” with Austrria
-Germany takes over part of Czechoslovak called the Sudetenland
-after each of these steps Hitler is warned that war will result if he doesn't
-Hitler promises he is done talking over countries. Chamberlain claims that
we will have “Peace in our time”
Soon after Hitler attacks Poland. England and France declare war on
-WWII begins in 1939
-Hitler and Stalin (dictator of the Soviet Union) had agreed to a secret treaty
to split Poland
Japanese government falls under control of the military in the early 1930’s
-Japan needs raw materials in order to build its large army and navy
-Japan attacks and takes over Manchuria (part of China)
-The US alarmed at the aggressive expansion of the Japanese military ,
places and embargo on raw materials sold to Japan
Wile negotiating with the US about the embargo Japan launches a massive
naval attack on the US force station at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
- December 7,1941
-The US fleet severely damaged; many ships sunk, hundreds of aircrafts
were destroyed ,thousands killed (including 2 Beverly alums)
-Luckily for the US our aircraft carriers were out on maneuvers at the time
-Many of the ships clamed to be sunk by Japanese pilots were quickly
repaired by US workers.
-The attack on Pearl Harbor changed the mood of the US from wanting to
stay out of the war to wanting revenge
The US declares war to war on Japan. Germany and Italy (allies of Japan)
declare war on the US. The US enters WWII