Terms Review IX

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Terms Review IX
The Great Depression
and World War II
What term was used to
describe the period during the
1930’s in which there was a
long period of high
unemployment and increased
poverty in the United States?
Great Depression
What term was used to
describe the blowing away of
huge amounts of soil from
the Plains states, causing
farm failures?
Dust Bowl
What United States President
was blamed for starting the
Great Depression?
Herbert Hoover
What was Roosevelt’s
program to stimulate the
economy and increase the
nation’s reserves?
The New Deal
What act created a committee
to monitor unfair
management practices?
Wagner Act
What part of Roosevelt’s New
Deal provided new jobs for
unskilled workers during the
Great Depression?
Works Progress
What popular 1939 movie
depicted a story of love and
loss in the South ravaged by
the Civil War?
Gone With the
What were Franklin
Roosevelt’s weekly radio
addresses to the people of
the United States called?
Fireside Chats
Who was the fascist dictator
who transformed Italy into a
militaristic state?
Benito Mussolini
This was a political movement
started in Italy which called for
eliminating all political opposition,
preserving a capitalist economy,
and increasing the military power
of a nation.
What was the political party in
Germany led by Adolph Hitler
which supported racist
National Socialists
Who was the dictator of
Germany and leader of the Nazi
Party who initiated a systematic
conquest of Europe leading to
World War II?
Adolph Hitler
Term used to refer to Hitler’s
secret police who helped
suppress his dissenters.
Who was the leader of the
Soviet Union during
World War II?
Joseph Stalin
A military agreement of mutual
assistance between the nations
of Germany, Italy, and Japan
Meeting in 1938 of European
nations; they agreed to Hitler’s
demands for the Sudetenland, a
German speaking section of
Munich Conference
German term for “lightening
war”, swift sudden offensive
used by Germany in
World War II.
United States Navel Base in
Hawaii which suffered a
surprise attack by the Japanese
on December 7, 1941.
Pearl Harbor
These were certificates issued
to a person who lends money
to the government to pay for
war, the certificate earns
interest and is redeemed for
cash on a given date.
War Bonds
Term that refers to the event where
under the authority of Executive
Order 9006, the United States
military forced 110,000 Japanese
Americans to live in barracks on
federal land until the end of WWII.
Japanese Internment
In January 1943, Soviet troops
repelled attack, causing the
German army to retreat from
Battle of Stalingrad
Who was the United States
general who led the Allied
forces in Europe during World
War II?
Dwight D. Eisenhower
What was the military code
name for the Allied invasion of
North Africa?
Operation Overlord
Who was the strong leader of
Britain during World War II? He
was the Prime Minister from
Winston Churchill
Event that happened on
June 6, 1944. Allies landed
on the beaches of Normandy.
The northern coast of France,
the Allies attacked here to
recapture France.
What was the common name
for the army of the Union of
Soviet Socialist Republics?
Red Army
Who was the United States
General who led the Allied
forces in the Pacific during
World War II?
Douglas Macarthur
What was the code name for
the construction of an atomic
bomb in the United States?
Manhattan Project
What was the name of the B-29
airplane which dropped an
atomic bomb on Hiroshima?
Enola Gay
What Japanese city was
destroyed on August 6, 1945
by an Allied atomic bomb?
What Japanese city was
destroyed on August 9, 1945
by an Allied atomic bomb?