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German Offensive
German Offensive
(lighting war)
surprise and overwhelming force…Luftwaffe airstrikes and then tanks and soldiers
Poland fell after just 3 weeks
The Fall of France
May 1940
Germany had invaded
Denmark, Norway, Netherlands, Belgium
The Battle of Britain
Nightly bombings of cities
Battle of Britain
The German forces were driven off by the RAF
- Royal Air Force -
The U.S. Provides Limited Aid
In 1940, FDR announced that the US should become
Great Arsenal of democracy”
Germany invaded the USSR - 1941
US began to aid Stalin and Communist Soviet Union
“the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”
Japan Attacks the U.S.
December 7, 1941
“A date which will live in infamy”
The Eastern Front - 1942
Germany attacks the Soviet Union
Battle of Stalingrad
won by the Soviets
– Brutal winter
– Massive Soviet counterattack
– Hitler refused to retreat
– Soviets lost over 1 million soldiers
– Soviet army began moving toward Germany
Operation Overlord
June 6, 1944
70,000 troops land at Normandy, France
Allies were able to start their push
towards Germany
Liberating Europe
The Big Three - FDR, Churchill, Stalin
Yalta Conference
Roosevelt wanted Soviet support against Japan and Soviet participation in the United Nations
Churchill pressed for free democratic elections in Eastern and Central Europe (Poland)
Stalin demanded a Soviet sphere of political influence in Eastern and Central Europe, an essential
aspect of the USSR's national security strategy.
Adolf Hitler commits suicide
Germany surrendered
VE Day
(May 8 1945)
Racial Purity
Germany tried to prove their “superior” race
The German government tried to identify persons of
“inferior” race
The Ghettos
Jews were forced to live in ghettos,
overcrowded segregated areas within cities
Ghetto to Concentration Camps
Jews were later relocated from ghettos to concentration camps
where they were forced to work to support the Nazi war effort
The Final Solution
the deliberate extermination of a specific
group of people
Death Camps to carry out the extermination of all Jews
Nazi racism led to the
systematic murder of 11 million people in Europe
The Jews suffered the most with 6 million deaths
90% of Jewish Population in Poland was murdered
The Nuremberg War Trials
Death camps were discovered
by Allied forces
Nazi leaders were put on trial
Charged with war crimes
Goering, Hess,
von Ribbentrop, Keitel
12 of 24 were sentenced to death