SAT Cartoon Vocabulary Lesson #7

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Transcript SAT Cartoon Vocabulary Lesson #7

SAT Cartoon
Vocabulary Lesson #7
Nazi propaganda made Jews feel alienated
in society.
Alienate – to cause to feel
unwelcome or estranged
The Warsaw ghetto uprising was one
example of Jews fighting back sometimes
with only rocks catapulting over the wall.
Catapult - slingshot
The Nazis were gluttons of hatred and
Glutton – one who eats a great
deal, capacity to withstand
The Nazi SS would muster a Jewish
neighborhood for transport to work
Muster – to collect or gather,
inspection or examination
The freedoms of the Jews were gradually
Curtail – to lesson by making
The fears of the Jews in Nazi Germany
were not just feelings of paranoia.
Paranoia – unreasonable anxiety
Propaganda begat hate, prejudice,
destruction, and death.
Beget – to give birth to, create
Allied soldiers helped facilitate the saving
of lives of Jews as death camps were
Facilitate – to make easier, to help
bring about
In craven acts, Nazi soldiers fleeing Allied
soldiers abandoned camp prisoners.
Craven - cowardly
Prisoners in the death camps were
completely in survival mode.
Mode – a way or method of doing
something, manner