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Holocaust Vocabulary
Anti Semitism
 Extreme
or irrational prejudices or
discrimination against Jews
 according
to the Nazis, this was the pure
German race which was superior to all
others in every way.
furnace or establishment for the
incineration of corpses
Death Camps
 prison
camp designed for the purpose
of putting people to death
Death Marches
forcible movement between Autumn 1944 and
late April 1945 by Nazi Germany of thousands of
prisoners from German concentration camps near
the war front to camps inside Germany.
forced removal from a country,
particularly the Nazi movement of
Jews and other groups to ghettos
and camps.
ruler of a state who takes total power and holds
onto it by removing any opposition
Final Solution
 the
cover name for the plan to destroy the
Jews of Europe- the “Final Solution of the
Jewish Question.” Beginning in December
1941, Jews were rounded up and sent to
extermination camps in the East. The
program was deceptively disguised as
“resettlement in the East.”
killing to exterminate a
whole race of people
 Nazi
secret police
 separate
part of a city or town, often
a slum area, where a minority group of
people lived, e.g., the Jews.
 the
destruction of some 6 million Jews
by the Nazis and their followers in
Europe between the years 1933-1945
Nazi concentration camp prisoner
who was given privileges in return for
supervising prisoner work gangs: often
a common criminal and frequently
brutal to fellow inmates
“Night of Broken Glass.” The night of November 9, 1938,
on which the Nazis coordinated an attack on Jewish
people and their property in Germany and Germancontrolled lands.
abbreviation for the National Socialist German
Worker’s Party that ruled Germany from 1933 to
Nuremberg Laws
 In
1935 Hitler announced new laws
against Jews and all people of Jewish
decent. These laws took away the
Jew’s civil rights.
Nuremberg Trials
Trials of Nazi leaders conducted after World War
II. A court set up by the victorious Allies tried
twenty-two former officials, including Hermann
Goering, in Nuremberg, Germany, for war crimes.
massacre or
attack on a minority community,
generally referring to attacks on
Jewish communities
“underground” organizations
working to help the Jews against
Hitler/Nazi army
SS (Schutzstaffer)
Schutzstaffel, which means
“protective squads.” They were
soldiers who served the Nazi